The first week!

So far I have really sucked at keeping this blog uptodate, but in my defense things here have been crazy since the moment I stepped off the plane. So since it has been a really long time since I blogged and I have gotten many emails asking what I have been up to I will give a quick synopsis of my first week in the Peace Corps and leave my witty comments for another time 🙂

So I left Spokane and went to staging in DC which consisted of meeting my fellow Peace Corps volunteers and doing some quick workshops on what to expect and things like that. I then got on a plane for a 14 hour flight to Korea followed by a 6 hour flight to Thailand.

We went straight from the Bangkok airport to Suphanburi. We got settled into the hotel around 2am and had classes starting at 8am the next day. They don’t mess around! My week has consisted of a lot of classes on safety, culture, language, and all sorts of other topics. It has been pretty nonstop, but my fellow Peace Corps Volunteers are some awesome peeps and the ajaans (teachers) make sure things are sa-nuk (fun) while we are learning.

A few highlights from my week:

We went and met the governor of the province that we are training in. We each had to get up and wai (which is the Thai greeting) say hello, tell him our name, and where we are from. Oh and we had to do it in Thai! Only two days of language lessons and we nailed it!

Governor's Office

Governor’s Office

Group with the governor

Group with the governor

We also got to go out to the village where we will be living with Thai families for the remainder of Pre-Service Training (PST) and ride our bikes around. The village that we will be staying in is amazingly beautiful with rice fields everywhere.

Group 126 in our helmets!

Group 126 in our helmets!

Here are a few pics from the bike ride and the view from our training hub in the village:
on bike ride

bike ride


view from training center

Finally we will be moving in with our homestay families tomorrow which meant that today was spent learning things like how to use a squat toilet, how to take a bucket bath, how to set up your mosquito net at night, how to do laundry by hand, and all sorts of other things so we can fit in with our new Thai families. We also received a pasim, which is a colorful skirt-like multi-purpose cloth, and learned how to use it to take a bath in a public bath, to change clothes in a common space if necessary, or how to wear it around while hanging out doing chores at home.



Anyway I need to get to sleep, it’s a big day tomorrow with moving in with our homestay families. I am trying to jai yen yen (chill out), but I am definitely nervous for this next step. I was told not to expect internet for the next 9 weeks so updates will probably be few and far between…maybe when I am at the central hub training site. Things are moving so quickly, but I am absolutely loving it and feel that I am exactly where I am suppose to be. So until the next post all…


3 thoughts on “The first week!

  1. All I can say is wow. You are on the adventure of a lifetime in a beautiful country. Incredible. Is it too late to stow away in a care package to soak up the sun? Lol

  2. And because I’m a nerd… The good chicken has landed! (Yeah don’t think that’ll be going away anytime soon dude) 🙂

  3. What an adventure. Thank you so much for posting pictures!! Your quads will be toned from all the squatting!!!! Keep up the awesome work!!! That’s my friend making a difference in our global reality!!

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