Do you sleep here?

So learning Thai is definitely one of the most challenging things I have taken on. There are so many things that sound so similar and only differ in tone or a slight sound.

My language group went to meet the director of the health clinic for the sub-district that I am currently living in. We get to meet people in the community and practice having conversations. During this exchange I attempted to ask Taan Paw-aw (the director) if she enjoyed working at the clinic. It is suppose to sound something like “khun chop ngaan tii nii mai ka” and what I said was “khun chop naan tii nii mai ka”. See the difference?!? Yep the only difference is a slight ng sound (sounds like the ng in ringing) rather than just an n sound (like the n in need).

The difference in meaning however creates that moment that instead of asking the director of the entire clinic if she enjoys her work you ask her if she sleeps at work and she looks at you like you’re an idiot. Thai-1 Meghan-0

In other news I totally ate a little fish today that appeared to still have the fin, bones, and eyes or eye sockets still in it. Surprisingly good…just more proof that deep frying makes everything delicious!


One thought on “Do you sleep here?

  1. Hahaha. Your language skills are impressive! Bon appetite on the eye socket fish. Loving your stories!! Thanks for sharing. Some US news the Seahawks are playing in super bowl this Sunday. Ice shut down Atlanta…. seriously , and fingers crossed Obama will get the minimum wage up to 11 an hour. Miss our social worky liberal cussing beer dates!! Take care!

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