I ate the chicken foot!

So it only took eight weeks but I finally caved and ate chicken foot! And not to spoil the surprise for those of you who plan on trying it in the future, but it tastes a lot like chicken ๐Ÿ™‚

In more important matters, I have been super busy this week studying for our final language test which I took on Saturday. I had to speak for 30 minutes with a tester about whatever I wanted/was able to talk about/whatever the tester decided to ask. This resulted in the tester and I having a pretty lengthy discussion about Thai versus American culture. Anyway to spare you the suspense, I found out today that I passed the test and I have officially been recommended for service…yay!

I have been so consumed with the test lately that I do not have a ton to report on otherwise. My Meh and Paa took me to a couple of beautiful wats (temples) yesterday, and I celebrated the end of PST with some of my good friends here and of course a lot of rice.

Meh and I at the wat

Meh and I at the wat

Meh and I at the wat

Meh and I at the wat

I did have an interesting experience with Thai pizza. It was just my paa and I home one night this week so in true dad-fashion he busted out a pizza box for the two of us. I was super excited and immediately began dreaming about the delicious cheese I was about to eat…and then there was what I like to call the “Thai surprise”. This “pizza” consisted of a pizza crust with tuna (maybe lol), mayonnaise, and ketchup. My paa was so excited that he got me a pizza so I managed to get down half of it with a smile on my face.

Joke is on me though, because since I was so excited about the first pizza we got to go get another one yesterday lol! This one had something that may have been crab or fish (I’m not positive), pineapple, peas, corn, and carrots, oh and of course mayonnaise. I did manage to get them to hold the ketchup this time though. These people are so wonderful and go out of their way to try and make me happy and I love them for it ๐Ÿ™‚

This is a picture of my ajaan and our language group. She drew a picture of all of us. She is the best!

Language group!

Language group!

That has pretty much been my week. This week is a whole lot of meetings and administrative stuff before I go to site. On Wednesday I find out where I will be placed, so I will try and make another blog post to let everyone where I will be staying the next two years.



One thought on “I ate the chicken foot!

  1. Super nice to follow your experience in Thailand Meg. Sounds like things are going well despite some bumps. Keep up the great work. Super cool pictures too. Your uncle Dave

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