Oh the quirkiness

Hello world!

There are so many Thailand idiosyncrasies that I enjoy everyday that I thought I would share them with you. So here is the list…

1. Gin kaow laao ru yang
This means have you eaten rice already or not. This is usually how I’m greeted by every person I talk to during the day. If the answer is gin laao (I’ve eaten already) then this leads into a discussion about what I ate and whether or not is was aroy (delicious). If god forbid the answer is yang mai gin (I haven’t eaten yet) then whoever you are talking to will immediately look around for something to give you to eat, make you something to eat, or even go to the store to buy you something to eat. I just always answer gin laao now 🙂

There is a joke here that Thai people are either eating, talking about what they ate, or planning what to eat next. In my experience this is not an exaggeration. I don’t think I have actually been hungry since I’ve set foot in Thailand.

2. The beeping
This one cracks me up. If you are in a car the driver will honk the horn if you pass a wat (temple), go by someone that you know, every time you pass the house of a friend, if you are passing a scooter, if you think you maybe see someone you know, if another car may or may not be merging into your lane, if you want a dog to get out of the road, etc.

They put my bridge crossing, tunnel driving, state line honking sister to shame!

3. Kids driving
I am not allowed to drive a car here and I can’t drive or even ride on any motorcycle or scooter. The best part about this is that after I spend the morning teaching a group of 10-13 year olds, I am often passed on my bike by the same kids driving the family scooter home. I guess there isn’t an age restriction here to operate a scooter. I often wonder what they think of their bike riding farang (foreigner) teacher as they speed past lol.

4. Speaking of scooters…
I am no longer phased by the sight of a scooter holding a family of five, complete with the baby hanging off the side.

5. Drinking out of bags
Every drink you order here is promptly poured into a plastic bag with ice and drank with a straw. I would have been perfectly happy drinking my Pepsi from that bottle, but when in Rome…

6. Toilet paper
Yeah TP is not used where you think it would be…in the bathroom. But it is used for everything else like a napkin, a rag, to dry your hands. I never would have guessed that what I would miss the most is some toilet paper in the bathroom and paper towels lol.

There are probably a million other things that originally made me scratch my head in confusion, but now they have become so normal to me that I don’t even realize them anymore.

I’m still working on getting my pictures uploaded and at this rate I might get then up on this blog around October lol. I miss everyone very much!



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