My new home

I finally got around to taking some pictures of my new site here in Tak. First though here are a couple more pictures from my time in Krabi.
Ice Cream Thai style aka in a coconut!

Yes please!

Yes please!

My friends and I at the beach for an evening swim.
Watching the rainstorm roll in

Watching the rainstorm roll in

So yesterday I went on a little two hour bike ride to get some pictures of my town to share with all of you. I also got myself a nice little sunburn too 🙂
This is the building (called the Tesseban) that I work out of primarily. I will also be working at the schools. It has a soccer field in front of it and that is where I work out everyday with a group of women from the Tesseban. This place is great!
My town is also obsessed with these plant animals. I would guess there is probably 50 of these guys, all different animals, scattered around my site.
Chang! Thai for elephant

Chang! Thai for elephant

So at my old site most of my bike ride consisted of huge palm oil tree farms. I could bike all the way to work and not really see too many people. Here in Tak my commute looks like this…
This place has a very different feel to it. It might not be the hut in the middle of nowhere that I imagined when I thought about Peace Corps life, but it’s my Peace Corps life and I’m loving my busy town and all the people!
Just to make sure I don’t forget I am in Thailand though, there is always the occasional cow or rooster in the middle of the town just hanging out.
The town of Ban Tak is set along the Bping River. This river is huge and has quickly become my favorite spot to get away and find a quiet moment by myself.
Probably my favorite place in Ban Tak so far!

Probably my favorite place in Ban Tak so far!

I’m still living with my host family for another two or three weeks. My counterpart, her Meh, and her niece and nephew live in the upstairs part of the house and I live on the bottom floor alone. Well, almost alone. Hey mom and dad, remember when I used to be afraid of those common house spiders that lived in our basement, well I’m over it. This is my current roommate…
It is hard to tell from the picture, but its body is about two inches long not counting its creepy legs. I think we have come to an understanding that I won’t bother it if it doesn’t bother me, but I’m still rather unimpressed with this roommate situation.
Everything else here in Thailand is good! I have been talking with my counterpart and some of the teachers at the schools here to try and figure out what they would like me to do over the next two years. So hopefully I will be busy with projects soon. In the meantime I am continually meeting new people and improving my Thai language skills, or attempting to at least. Maybe I have finally found my Thailand rhythm 🙂


One thought on “My new home

  1. Thanks Megan. Your post has “planted” an obscure idea I probably would have lived a lifetime without, “Maybe my yard needs a plant animal?” 😀 May God continue to watch over you. Peace In Christ.

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