My Assignment

I will be working in the Youth in Development (YD) Program in Thailand. Here is what the Peace Corps says about the program:

This Youth in Development (YD) Project prepares and engages young Thai people for their adult roles. Youth Projects cannot eliminate all the problems that young people face, but good youth programming engages young people and builds on their strengths so that they are fully prepared to transition into adulthood. This YD Project views young people as resources to be developed so that they can become healthy engaged, contributing adults. Additionally the project helps to recognize and fully develop assets, both internal and external, that lead to a productive and fulfilling adulthood. This Youth Development Project focuses on:
1) Supporting young people to Develop Healthier Lifestyle
2) Preparing young people for the world of work
3) Engaging young people as active citizens and
4) Building support for youth

This project targets at Youth as age 11-15 and was agreed upon with government partners. This age range captures youth in their formative years (pre-adolescents) to encourage adoption of healthy behaviors. Additionally, this is a stationary group (youth leave their villages before adulthood) and more accessible to the Volunteers. Youth is accessible through school and established Youth Groups. This YD project plan was developed in collaboration with project stakeholders including local and national level government partners, NGOs, currently serving Volunteers, Peace Corps staff and community members. The Volunteer‟s community level work will be with field counterparts–influential adults engaged in the lives of the youth— at the schools, community health stations or LAO.

Volunteers will work with a range of counterparts–influential adults engaged in the lives of the youth—through camps, clubs, health and life-skills classes, afterschool groups and the school‟s “free hour” to engage youth in the following activities:
Improve life skills and adopting healthier sexual and reproductive health practices. The Ministry of Education has defined and prioritized the following as life skills.
o Appreciation for one‟s own and other‟s values
o Analyzing, making decisions and solving problems creatively
o Building relationships with others
o Emotion and stress management Develop skills for today‟s work force including improving English, understanding of basic finances and developing leadership skills. Engage in serving learning so that youth are community advocates Engage caregivers and youth service providers


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